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Unleash your inner submissive with the House Slave Submission Set – a collection of intriguing tools designed to take your servitude experience to new heights.

**Mouth Plug**: At the heart of this set is the mouth plug, an essential component for the servitude enthusiast. Complete with a body-friendly mouthpiece and a soft silicone mouth ball, it’s designed for comfort during extended wear. The plug also comes with a household connector, effortlessly integrating into the servitude ensemble.

**Accessory Set -1**: Bathroom duties take a fascinating twist with this set. It includes a mouth-mounted toilet paper holder, a urinal funnel, and a mouth-held toilet brush. With these items, you take on the role of a human tissue dispenser, a personal urinal, and a human toilet brush. It’s a unique approach to bathroom training that’s sure to add a thrilling dynamic to your submissive journey.

**Accessory Set -2**: This set transforms ordinary living room chores into a tantalizing submissive experience. It features a mouth-held shoe shining brush, turning you into a human shoe polisher. The mouth-held ashtray gives a new meaning to being an ash receiver. The coat hanger and wine glass tray holder can be held easily by the mouth, making your pet into an interactive hanger and a mobile tray for wine glasses.

The House Slave Submission Set isn’t just a set of tools; it’s a transformative experience that pushes the boundaries of pleasure and obedience. Embrace the thrill of submission today.



Mouth plug, Accessories set -1, Accessories set -2


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