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Introducing Lockink Nipple Clamps, the perfect accessory for those who enjoy a touch of pleasurable pain. With several styles to choose from, these clamps bring a new level of intensity and visual appeal to your BDSM experience. The clamps are available in either a sleek black or luxurious gold finish, allowing you to choose the look that best suits your personal style.

Our Adjustable Antler Style nipple clamps offer a unique and artistic aesthetic. These clamps are reminiscent of majestic antlers and provide a customizable fit, ensuring that your comfort and pleasure are perfectly balanced. Please note, this style does not come with a pendant.

The Adjustable Style nipple clamps are perfect for those seeking a classic BDSM aesthetic with a touch of customization. These clamps allow for a tailored fit, meaning you can adjust the pressure to your liking. Each pair comes with a matching pendant, adding a little extra elegance to your erotic play.

Finally, the Non-Adjustable Style nipple clamps are for the more experienced player. They offer a fixed pressure for a consistent, intense experience. Just like the Adjustable Style, these clamps come complete with a matching pendant, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Each style of Lockink Nipple Clamps has been expertly crafted, ensuring durability and performance. Whether you’re exploring nipple play for the first time or looking to add to your collection, Lockink Nipple Clamps are sure to provide a thrilling experience. Choose your style, select your finish, and get ready for a world of sensational pleasure.



A -Gold Adjustable Set, B -Gold Set, B -Black Set, C -Gold Set, C -Black Set, Antler, None Adjustable


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