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Unleash your wild side with our Double Spiked Punk Collar, the ultimate accessory for those who dare to stand out. This distinctive collar is both a bold fashion statement and a practical accessory for BDSM or fetish play.

Constructed with high-quality, durable material, this collar features two rows of imposing spikes, adding an aggressive, punk-inspired aesthetic. Each spike is meticulously attached to ensure longevity and durability, promising to maintain its menacing allure through extended wear and intense play.

Along the length of the collar, you’ll find multiple metal rings, offering versatile attachment points for a variety of accessories such as restraints, leashes, or other gear. These rings are sturdily affixed to the collar, designed to withstand the rigors of any dynamic play or performance.

The Double Spiked Punk Collar is adjustable to fit most neck sizes, ensuring comfortable wear without compromising its fierce style. Its secure fastening system ensures it stays in place, allowing you to move with confidence and ease.

Whether you’re stepping out for a night on the town, performing on stage, or engaging in thrilling BDSM play, our Double Spiked Punk Collar is an unforgettable addition to your accessory collection. With its unmistakable punk vibe and practical design, this collar promises to leave a lasting impression.


Metal Color

Holographic PVC, Black, Gold Leather, Pink, Red, Blue, Purple, Clear


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