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Transform your fantasy into reality with our Transparent Zentai Bodysuit, featuring a variety of crotch options tailored to your needs. This suit provides a second-skin feel, enhancing sensory experiences while offering an enticing glimpse of what lies beneath.

This bodysuit is a true chameleon, providing the flexibility to cater to your unique desires. Each crotch option provides a different experience:

1. Enclosed Penis Sheath: This option allows the wearer to remain fully enclosed within the suit, offering an extra layer of sensation.

2. Open Penis Sheath: Designed for those who prefer to have their penis extend outside the suit while maintaining the overall snug fit of the zentai suit.

3. Closed Crotch: This design provides complete coverage, offering a seamless look and feel from top to bottom.

4. Open Crotch: For those seeking easy access while wearing the suit, this option provides an opening in the crotch area.

Crafted from high-quality, stretchable material, our Transparent Zentai Bodysuit hugs every curve, highlighting the natural form of your body. The transparency of the fabric adds a titillating visual element, making every movement a captivating sight.

This bodysuit is a versatile addition to any wardrobe, suitable for cosplay events, intimate encounters, or simply indulging your zentai fantasies. It’s easy to wear and remove, providing comfort and convenience for extended wear.

Please note: As with all form-fitting clothing, proper care is required to maintain the integrity of the material. Hand wash in cold water with a gentle detergent, and lay flat to dry to keep your suit looking its best.

Express yourself and step into a world of sensation with our Transparent Zentai Bodysuit. Your fantasy is just a bodysuit away!



red O neck, gray O neck, black O neck, black high collar, beige high collar, beige O neck, gray high collar, red high collar


not open crotch, open crotch, penis sheath close, penis sheath open


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