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Cockatrice-7b-v0.2 Released

I’ve released the next iteration of Cokatrice, a chat/roleplay model trained on reverse proxy roleplay chat logs. The data has been further cleaned, although there is still much more work to do. One of my goals for the cockatrice project is to create a healthy amount of cleaned/uncleaned data ¬†pairs, which will hopefully allow me to mostly automate the cleaning process. For now I am still using mostly using openrefine, which while better than nothing, is still a ton of labor and a mentally grueling process. As for the current model, I will hopefully have quants released later today, once I finish updating the next iteration of the erotiquant dataset. My strategy so far has been to not add any new data, and solely focus on cleaning/perfecting the existing data, at least until I hit diminishing returns. Happy new years everyone.¬†

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