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Experience the thrill of confinement with The Punishment Cage – a robust, full-featured restraint device designed to satisfy the desires of the adventurous.

This sturdy cage is designed for total control and restriction. With dimensions of 106x83x69cm when assembled, it provides ample space while maintaining a sense of confinement. The cage, weighing a solid 30kg, is made from high-quality, durable metal surfaces, ensuring it can withstand even the most passionate play.

The Punishment Cage arrives unassembled, with clear instructions and assembly tools included, allowing you to set it up in your preferred space with ease. With 16 assembly screws, 6 fixed rods, and 6 fixed hooks, this cage is designed for stability and security.

Included with the cage are two sets of restraints: a pair of handcuffs and ankle bracelets. These can be used in combination with the cage to extend your play possibilities, allowing for a variety of positions and scenarios.

The cage comes equipped with 2 front and rear metal sheets, 2 upper and lower metal sheets, and 2 left and right mesh plates. For added comfort, a soft cover pad is included, perfect for long sessions. For ease of movement and positioning, the cage also comes with 4 universal fixed casters.

Ensuring total control, lock pins have been pre-installed on the main metal sheet, including 4 locks and 2 door pins. Also included are 2 sets of sucker support plates, providing an extra layer of stability.

Whether you’re a BDSM enthusiast or simply looking to explore new realms of pleasure, The Punishment Cage provides an immersive experience that challenges boundaries and heightens sensations. Surrender to the allure of restraint and discover a world of pleasure with The Punishment Cage.

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