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Lamia-v0.2, Exciting Updates

A few days ago I released lamia v0.2, which now includes a beta version of the pippa_scored2sharegpt dataset, a modified version of pippa_scored. Quants are coming soon, as well as the backlog of other quants I have not finished yet. I finally managed to piece together a new rig with a few 3090’s which I’m hoping can allow me a lot more flexibility to experiment.

One thing I’m hoping to have up and running soon is a cloud chat service. I’ve been working on tweaking agnaistic to serve this purpose, and I think it’s almost ready. Agnaistic is an amazing base for this project because it already features so many bells and whistles, such as multiplayer/multi bot chats, stable diffusion integration, lore/memory books and more. It also integrates directly into patreon, so subscribers can get automatic access to the cloud service just by linking their accounts.

I’m hoping that by creating an environment where people can use the models easily for roleplay and story-writing purposes, I can more easily find weakness in the models to further tweak them in future iterations. Basically the more people use it, the better I can make the models for those who opt in. Eventually I’d also like to dabble in worldbuilding as a service, where you can describe the kind of scenario/interaction you are looking for, and I can create the memory/lore books, scenario, and character cards to you liking.

You can check out my (unfinished!) progress here:


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