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Unleash the power of electrostimulation with the DG-LAB Coyote E-Stim System – a game-changing device designed to electrify your pleasure pursuits.

This innovative system is more than a toy; it’s a wearable experience designed to tap into your deepest desires. With its zinc alloy shell, the Coyote E-Stim System is not only durable but also boasts a sleek, modern aesthetic that is sure to impress.

At the heart of the system are two independently programmable electrostimulation channels, allowing you to tailor your experience to your unique preferences. Want to ramp up the intensity or keep things subtle? With the Coyote E-Stim System, the power is in your hands.

But that’s not all. This system also offers app control, letting you take charge of your pleasure from the convenience of your smartphone. You can even create playlists, setting up sequences of stimulation that will keep you on the edge of anticipation.

With a control distance of 10 meters with a clear line of sight, you can enjoy your Coyote E-Stim System from across the room, adding an extra layer of excitement to your play.

One of the best features of the Coyote E-Stim System is its impressive battery life. With a usage time of 24 hours and a quick charge time of just 1.5 hours, your pleasure won’t be interrupted by constant recharging.

The system comes complete with two electrodes, ready to send pulses of pleasure exactly where you want them. It’s time to electrify your pleasure with the DG-LAB Coyote E-Stim System.



Set 1, Set 2, Capsule Accesory A, Plug Accesory A, Conductive Loops, Urethral Insert, Adhesive Electrods


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