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Immerse yourself in an unparalleled sensory experience with the DRYWELL Tron, a state-of-the-art electronic male masturbator designed to heighten your intimate pleasure. This innovative device combines modern technology with intuitive control to deliver truly personalized stimulation.

Constructed with a soft, pliable material, the Tron is designed to respond to your touch. Simply squeeze the sides to adjust the tightness manually, allowing for a bespoke fit that caters to your unique preferences. This feature provides an enhanced sense of control and interaction, making your experience more tactile and satisfying.

Inside the Tron, two powerful vibrating motors reside on either side. These motors are engineered to deliver deep, resonant vibrations that reverberate throughout the device. Multiple vibration patterns allow you to tailor the intensity and rhythm to your liking, ensuring an experience that’s as dynamic and varied as you desire.

The DRYWELL Tron is not just a tool, but a technologically advanced companion designed to adapt to you. Its sleek, ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand, while the easy-to-use controls make customization a breeze.

Whether you’re seeking a new form of personal exploration or a way to enhance your intimate moments, the DRYWELL Tron offers an immersive experience that puts your pleasure at the forefront. Enjoy the future of male masturbation today with the DRYWELL Tron.


More Modes More Fun

Tron features 10 different vibration modes. There is always one that suits you.


Manual Extrusion

The more you press the tighter the stimulation. There are 2 press areas on the body, which can be squeezed according to your own situation

A245a9577933f4772b38fdbf3e1b4533fLPleasure Knows No Limits

Dual Motor Coverage

High-power motors on each side of the sleeve. Depending on the insertion depth, the stimulation site is different


Holding the device with two hands and rotating it back and forth. Let the penis enjoy 360° all-around friction!


Improve Your Sex Life

Learn to control your ejaculation while having fun,

it can increase your sexual stamina with regular use.


Extra-Soft TPE

Non-porous, Non-stick, Odorless

Skin texture, as smooth and comfortable as a vagina


100% Fullbody Waterproof

Easy to clean, no need to take out the sleeve, rinse directly with water


Magnetic Charging

Fully charge once and serve several times

Built-in large-capacity battery, fully charged for 45 minutes




Product Name: TRON

Product Type: Men’s Sex Toys

Product Material: ABS Body + TPE Sleeve

Product Size: 104*95*95mm

Product Color: White Gray

Net Weight: 460g

Battery Capacity: 500mAh

Rated Voltage: DC3.7V

Rated Current: DC5V

Charging Time: approx. 45 minutes

Use Time: approx. 120 minutes

Waterproof: IPX5 Full Body Waterproof


How To Use

① Add water-based lube

② Insert and enjoy

③ Mode vibration adjustment

④ Thrusting or rotating

⑤ Reach a powerful orgasm

⑥ Clean with water

⑦ Wipe and dry



Ships From

SPAIN, United States, China, GERMANY, Russian Federation, France




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