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Elevate your intimate moments with  Population Control Male Masturbator, a device designed to offer a truly immersive and personalized experience. This high-tech device combines innovative features with a thoughtful design to deliver unmatched pleasure.

Population Control is equipped with an adjustable phone clamp, providing you with the option to watch your favorite content or video chat with a partner, hands-free, during your sessions. This feature enhances the overall experience, making your personal moments more engaging and interactive.

This male masturbator also boasts 10 vibration modes, each offering a unique rhythm and intensity. With the touch of a button, you can switch between the modes, finding the perfect one that aligns with your preferences. The vibration function adds an extra layer of stimulation, enhancing the pleasure and providing a more satisfying experience.

For those seeking a more realistic feel, Population Control includes a built-in heater. This feature warms the device to mimic body temperature, enhancing the lifelike sensation and adding a touch of luxury to your solo sessions.

The device also features adjustable handles for a comfortable and secure grip, ensuring that the masturbator stays in place during use. The handles are ergonomically designed and can be adjusted to fit any size, offering a customized fit for maximum comfort.

The Population Control Masturbator is crafted from body-safe materials that feel incredibly lifelike and are easy to clean, ensuring a safe and hygienic experience every time. Its sleek design, combined with its innovative features, makes it the perfect companion for intimate moments.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your solo sessions or make long-distance interactions more exciting, the Population Control Male Masturbator offers an immersive and satisfying experience. With its adjustable phone clamp, multiple vibration modes, built-in heater, and adjustable handles, this device delivers unparalleled pleasure, tailored to your desires.


【10 telescopic modes + 10 vibration frequencies】The transparent body structure allows users to see the movements of the male stroker liner through the transparent window, and thoroughly explore the situation of the pocket cat swallowing the penis. 10 stretching modes + 10 vibration frequencies allow you to experience powerful masturbation pleasure, both novice players and experienced expert players will be conquered by this masturbator.

【Soft, deep and compact vagina】The male stroker is made of high-quality materials, the soft and elastic touch tightly wraps your penis, and the powerful motor twitches your penis frantically, giving you a compact and Wild sex experience. Moreover, the inner wall of the masturbator is filled with many tiny massage particles, creating a realistic fleshy tunnel and bringing unprecedented frictional pleasure.


【Built-in heating】The masturbation device is heated by a mid-section embedded heating sheet, which can dissipate heat up and down, quickly heat up, and better cover the entire vagina, allowing you to experience warm and real vaginal intercourse. Let the cold winter also enjoy warm masturbation pleasure.


Phone Holder to Free Your Hands-This automatic stroker comes complete with phone holder to free your hands. Take a peek at the action with the transparent window, and find your favorite angle with the adjustable arms.You can even fire up your favorite website, and it truly feels like heaven; all you want is to slow down and enjoy more.



【Removable and easy to clean】Compared with the traditional masturbator, the motor and jelly cover of this product are separated. Plus its magnetic dust cover makes it easier to remove. You can clean the jelly cover with warm water (below 45°C) after use. After cleaning, wipe the obvious water stains, turn on the heating after assembly, and the masturbator will automatically shut down after drying.Sf187003396ab4f67ab2378de5eb377412
【Super long battery life】This male stroker has a large capacity battery of 1000ma, which can be used for 7 days on a single charge, and the typa-c fast charging, even if you take this Male Masturbator on business trips or travel, it can be used for a long time without frequent charging , to make your outdoor experience better.S66abe8feb05441ec84fa5cd099ff616cZAf02f80667f6248dabf2b4279fa6bf329H




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