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Elevate your intimate moments with the ZALO BAYEK, a state-of-the-art wearable vibrator designed to enhance pleasure for both partners. This innovative device, fitted with two powerful motors, is worn around the penis during sex, transforming your lovemaking into an electrifying experience.

The ZALO BAYEK is thoughtfully designed to provide maximum stimulation. Each motor targets a specific zone – one at the base for him, and the other positioned to delight her. This dual-action design ensures an intimate experience that is mutually pleasurable, sending waves of deep, rumbling vibrations that resonate through both bodies.

What sets the ZALO BAYEK apart is its advanced app control feature. With this technology, you or your partner can take control of the device from your smartphone, adjusting the vibration patterns and intensity levels to perfectly match your desires. It’s an interactive way to explore, discover, and satisfy your unique pleasure profiles.

Made from body-safe, silky-soft silicone, the ZALO BAYEK is comfortable to wear and gentle against the skin. Its stretchy ring accommodates all sizes, ensuring a snug and secure fit during even the most passionate sessions.

The ZALO BAYEK is also rechargeable, offering hours of uninterrupted pleasure. And with its discreet design, it can easily become a regular part of your lovemaking without interrupting the flow of your intimate moments.

Experience a new level of shared pleasure with the ZALO BAYEK wearable vibrator. With its dual motors, comfortable design, and interactive app control, it offers a thrilling, immersive experience that brings couples closer than ever before. Let the ZALO BAYEK guide you and your partner to new heights of shared satisfaction.



Army green, plum, Black


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