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Introducing “The Rabbinator,” your ultimate companion for intimate adventures. This green rabbit vibrator is designed to stimulate your senses and provide the utmost pleasure at your fingertips.

The Rabbinator, with its playful yet sensual design, combines the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. The vibrant green color gives it an irresistible charm, while its sleek silhouette ensures a comfortable grip.

The dual-action design of this rabbit vibrator offers a unique experience. The main shaft, with its powerful vibrations, provides deep internal stimulation, while the rabbit ear extension is perfect for precise clitoral stimulation. The result is a symphony of pleasure that hits all the right notes.

The Rabbinator comes equipped with multiple vibration modes, allowing you to customize your pleasure. Whether you prefer gentle waves or intense pulsations, the control is in your hands.

Made from body-safe silicone, The Rabbinator is not only smooth to the touch but also hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and safe for sensitive skin. It’s also water-resistant, making it a great companion for some steamy shower sessions.

Finally, the Rabbinator is rechargeable, providing hours of uninterrupted pleasure. For safety, please remember not to turn it on while charging.

Discover a new level of pleasure with The Rabbinator, the rabbit vibrator that’s as powerful as it is playful. Unleash the power of The Rabbinator, and let it hop you right into ecstasy.




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