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Step into a realm of unmatched pleasure with the TLUDA ZD037 Rabbit Flicker. This beautifully designed rabbit vibrator is equipped with a unique clit flicker, offering a double dose of delight that guarantees an unrivaled experience.

The TLUDA ZD037 Rabbit Flicker isn’t your average pleasure device. Its dual-action design features a powerful vibrating shaft for intense internal stimulation, while the innovative clit flicker is expertly crafted to mimic the sensation of oral stimulation, providing targeted clitoral pleasure.

Unleash your deepest desires with the 7 vibration modes that range from soft purrs to intense rumbles. Each mode is designed to tease, please, and bring you closer to the edge. Alongside these, explore the 7 unique flicking modes offered by the clit flicker, each one a thrilling exploration of pace and rhythm.

Crafted from body-safe, hypoallergenic silicone, the TLUDA ZD037 Rabbit Flicker is soft to the touch and perfect for those with sensitive skin. Its easy-to-clean material and water-resistant design make it a fantastic companion for both bedroom and bathroom escapades.

This rabbit flicker is rechargeable, offering hours of continuous pleasure at your fingertips. For your safety, please do not turn on the device while it’s charging.

The TLUDA ZD037 Rabbit Flicker offers an extraordinary journey into pleasure. With its sensual design and exciting features, it’s your ticket to a world of intimate exploration and unending delights. Let this rabbit flicker guide you through the labyrinth of pleasure, one flick at a time.


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China, United States, SPAIN, Russian Federation, France, Italy, Belgium


ZD037-RD, ZD037-PU


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