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Step into the realm of mythical ecstasy with our Unicorn Series, a multi-faceted pleasure ensemble inspired by the enchanting allure of unicorns. This magical suite is designed to awaken your deepest sensory fantasies, offering a trio of potent pleasure devices that can be orchestrated in harmony for an orgasmic symphony unlike any other.

At the heart of this divine collection is the Unicorn Clitoral Suction Toy, a spellbinding device that mimics the intoxicating sensation of oral pleasure. Its unique, intense stimulation is perfect for those who are new to the world of pleasure toys, or seasoned veterans seeking a new thrill. The device comes with a hygienic cover, ensuring that the magic remains pristine, making it ideal for both travel and storage.

This Unicorn Series is crafted for a multifaceted fun experience, featuring two additional pleasure-inducing toys that can be used in concert or independently. A petite vibrating egg serves as a perfect accomplice, delivering dual stimulation to any erogenous zone that calls for an extra touch of excitement.

Complementing this ensemble is a mini thruster, a dynamic device designed for internal arousal, while also doubling as a clitoral stimulator when paired with any of the other enchanting devices in the kit. This trio of pleasure devices can be enjoyed in a solo play, or shared with a partner, paving the path for a myriad of sensual explorations.

Each toy within the Unicorn Series is powered by a superior tungsten steel motor, delivering incredibly potent vibrations that promise to transport you to a realm of climactic bliss. Available in captivating hues of pink, yellow, and violet, the Unicorn series is a complete pleasure package waiting to be unwrapped.

In essence, our Unicorn Suit is more than a collection of pleasure devices; it’s your passport to an ethereal world of unparalleled stimulation, where your fantasies are transformed into toe-curling realities. So, why wait? Unleash the power of mythical pleasure and experience the magic for yourself.




Purple 2 in 1, pink 2 in 1, Purple 3 in 1, pink 3 in 1


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