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Dazzle yourself with the allure of the Crystal Ball Butt Plug. This stunning plug embodies the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, designed for the utmost pleasure of the experienced and the curious alike. Crafted to captivate, these glistening gems of satisfaction come in three size variants, tailored to accommodate all levels of anal play exploration.

The Large Crystal Ball Butt Plug is a commanding presence with a weight of 355g. It boasts a hefty diameter of 6cm and a tall stature of 12.8cm, making it an exciting challenge for seasoned enthusiasts who crave a fuller sensation.

The Medium Crystal Ball Butt Plug provides a balanced, enjoyable experience. Weighing in at 190g with a diameter of 4.9cm and a height of 11.8cm, it’s the ideal choice for those who are comfortably accustomed to the realm of anal play.

The Small Crystal Ball Butt Plug is an inviting starter piece. It has a weight of 150g and a manageable diameter of 4.5cm, standing at a modest 11cm tall. This size is perfect for beginners who are ready to embark on their anal exploration journey.

Each Crystal Ball Butt Plug is polished to perfection, capturing the light to shimmer and twinkle like a star. These plugs not only offer intense satisfaction but also serve as beautiful aesthetic pieces when not in use. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a curious newcomer, the Crystal Ball Butt Plug adds a touch of glamour to any collection and guarantees to enhance your intimate moments. Experience the allure of these dazzling plugs and let your pleasure shine.



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