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Experience a spectrum of exquisite pleasure with our Glass Anal Beads collection. This assortment offers a variety of lengths and sizes, providing a tantalizing journey that caters to both the beginner and the experienced alike.

Each set in this collection is meticulously crafted from high-quality, body-safe glass. The beads range in diameter from a gentle 16mm to a more challenging 30mm, allowing you to explore and expand your boundaries at your own pace. The alternating lengths add to the versatility, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for any preference.

One of the standout features of our Glass Anal Beads is their captivating visual appeal. The beads are sleek and smooth, catching the light beautifully. The clear glass design gives them an allure that’s both elegant and erotically enticing.

The benefits don’t stop at aesthetics, however. The non-porous nature of the glass ensures a frictionless glide and is compatible with all kinds of lubricants. Furthermore, these beads offer an excellent opportunity for temperature play – you can warm them up or cool them down for an added thrill.

Easy to clean and maintain, our Glass Anal Beads collection is a durable and stunning addition to any pleasure seekers’ toy box. Whether you’re exploring new sensations or adding to your anal play repertoire, this collection promises a sublime experience. Dive into the world of glass anal beads and discover a new level of sensory delight.



XS-0, A, XS-2, E-1, A-1, F-1, B, B-1, C-1, G-1, XS-3, D, E, H-1, C, F, G, I, XS-1, H


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