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Discover new dimensions of pleasure with our Green Glass Butt Plug, a striking, expertly crafted tool that serves as both a stunning visual piece and an exquisite source of intimate stimulation.

The elegant design of this butt plug, coupled with its stunning green glass material, makes it a truly unique addition to any collection. Meticulously shaped, it offers an extraordinary blend of visual appeal and practical functionality, designed to cater to those who appreciate both aesthetics and sensation in their play.

With a length of 117mm and a maximum diameter of 38mm, this plug provides a satisfying fill without overwhelming, making it a suitable choice for those of varying experience levels. The sleek, tapered tip ensures a smooth, comfortable insertion, while the bulbous body enhances internal stimulation for a deeply satisfying experience.

Crafted from high-quality, body-safe glass, this plug is not only beautiful but also remarkably durable and easy to clean. The non-porous surface of the glass ensures optimal hygiene, allowing for easy sterilization after each use.

But the real magic of glass toys becomes apparent when you introduce temperature play. This green glass butt plug retains heat and cold remarkably well. You can immerse it in warm water for a sensual, warm sensation, or cool it in the fridge for a thrilling chill.

Experience luxury, beauty, and sensational pleasure all in one package with our Green Glass Butt Plug.

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