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Experience a new dimension of pleasure with the Pink Glass Hooked Anal Plug set, designed to thrill both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts. This trio of sumptuous glass anal plugs, swathed in an enticing pink hue, offers an exquisite blend of elegance and practicality, promising a remarkable sensory journey.

Each plug in this curated set is meticulously crafted from premium, body-safe glass, offering a polished, frictionless surface for a seamless glide. The plugs vary in size, allowing you to start small and progress at your own pace, or choose the size that suits your preference for maximum comfort and stimulation.

The defining feature of these plugs is their unique handle design. Departing from traditional bases, these plugs boast an innovative hooked form, providing not only a safeguard against over-insertion but also a convenient grip for ease of use. This ergonomic handle design facilitates effortless navigation, granting you complete control over the depth and speed of penetration, as well as ensuring a smooth and easy removal process.

Coated in a non-porous, sleek glass surface, these plugs promise a smooth glide with your preferred lubricant, enhancing comfort and sensory pleasure. These glass plugs are also perfectly suited for temperature play – immerse them in warm or cool water before use to add a tantalizing twist to your experience.

The Pink Glass Hooked Anal Plug set, with its seductive aesthetic and profound pleasure potential, serves as a lavish addition to any pleasure toy repertoire. Whether you’re venturing into the realm of anal play or seeking to diversify your existing collection, this set delivers a delightful exploration. Embrace the unique sensations offered by these hooked-handle anal plugs and unlock a world of thrilling, backdoor pleasure.










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