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Embrace the darker depths of pleasure with “Cthulu’s Probe,” a daringly unique dildo inspired by the world of mythical fantasy. This wavy, spiny, tentacle-shaped device is destined to plunge you into an abyss of unparalleled sensation and pleasure.

Cthulu’s Probe is meticulously crafted from premium-grade silicone, ensuring a product that is not just body-safe and hypoallergenic but also incredibly soft and supple. This non-porous material ensures easy cleaning, guaranteeing a long-lasting addition to your collection that can withstand the test of time and use.

Available in two sizes, Small (15.5cm x 5.8cm, 320g) and Large (19cm x 7cm, 595g), Cthulu’s Probe caters to all comfort levels. Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps into the world of erotic fantasy or an experienced user seeking a more ambitious adventure, there’s a Cthulu’s Probe waiting for you.

The design of Cthulu’s Probe is where it truly sets itself apart. Evoking the image of a mystical creature’s wavy, spiny tentacle, it promises an experience that’s both visually and physically stimulating. The distinctive texture along the shaft enhances internal sensations with every thrust, whilst the wavy design stimulates all your sensitive spots.

Whether you’re venturing into the solo realm of pleasure or sharing the journey with a partner, Cthulu’s Probe offers a versatile array of sensory experiences. The sturdy base enables hands-free play, and its compatibility with harnesses opens up even more possibilities for exploration.

Cthulu’s Probe is not just a dildo—it’s an invitation to delve into the realm of dark fantasy and unearth pleasures unknown. Surrender to the call of the mythical with Cthulu’s Probe.



S -18.5 X 5.8CM, L -21 X 7CM


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