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Unleash your wild side and discover a new level of pleasure with our Fantasy Animal Ejaculating Dildos. This exclusive series takes inspiration from the animal kingdom, offering an assortment of dildos modeled after various creatures such as horses and canines. Each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, mimicking the unique shapes and textures of these animals for an unparalleled intimate experience.

Our animal-inspired dildos are made from body-safe, phthalate-free silicone, promising a firm yet flexible feel. This collection comes in an array of sizes and colors, catering to all preferences and desires. With the lifelike detailing, you can expect a realistic and immersive experience that heightens your pleasure.

The standout feature of these dildos is their ability to ejaculate. Each dildo is fitted with a squeeze bulb or syringe, allowing you to control when and how much ‘cum’ you want, adding another layer of realism to your play. Whether you are looking to fulfill a particular fantasy or simply seeking a more authentic experience, these ejaculating dildos are sure to hit the mark.

These dildos are also easy to clean, ensuring you can maintain optimal hygiene with minimal effort. The non-porous silicone material helps prevent bacteria build-up and is compatible with water-based lubricants for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Our Fantasy Animal Ejaculating Dildos are perfect for those seeking to add an element of fantasy and novelty to their pleasure routine. With their lifelike design and ejaculating feature, they offer a unique experience that is sure to thrill. Explore your wild fantasies with these exquisite pieces and embark on an adventure of pleasure like no other.





YC-GYS2003, YC-GYZ2003, YC-GYZS2003, YC-GYS2012, YC-GYZ2012, YC-GYZS2012, YC-SYS2012, YC-SYZ2012, YC-SYZS2012

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