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Meet the “Have You Ever Been Fisted?” silicone dildo – a party in your pants that’s always ready to give you a ‘hand’. This uniquely designed pleasure tool offers an intimate experience that you won’t soon forget, and trust us, it’s way friendlier than it sounds!

Created from top-notch silicone, this realistic-feeling dildo is the perfect conversation starter, especially if that conversation is, “What’s that in your drawer? Oh, just a fist.” Available in two sizes – small (24*6.8CM/6.75*2.68inch) and large (31*8.8CM/12.2*3.46inch) – you can choose how much of a ‘knockout’ experience you’re in the mood for.

The “Have You Ever Been Fisted?” dildo sets the bar high for ‘hands-on’ pleasure. Its distinctive design is reminiscent of a fist, tightly held by another hand. This not only offers a novel visual, but also adds an intriguing twist to your intimate play. If you’re into ‘handy’ puns, we’ve got you covered!

With weights of 526g for the small and 1065g for the large, this silicone arm has more heft than your average heavyweight boxer. This is one fist that you won’t want to duck!

Whether you’re a seasoned pleasure-seeker or just dipping your toes (or should we say ‘fingers’?) into the world of adventurous toys, the “Have You Ever Been Fisted?” silicone dildo is a ‘fistful’ of fun that keeps on giving. So, ready to answer the question – “Have You Ever Been Fisted?” With this unique pleasure tool, you’ll be more than prepared to say, “Yes, and I loved it!”





S -24 X 6.8CM, L -31 X 8.8CM


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