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Introducing “The Puppeteer,” the silicone sensation that’s got the world’s knickers in a twist. This isn’t just an arm-shaped pleasure toy, it’s a ‘hand’-crafted masterpiece that’s more interested in tickling your fancy than pulling any strings.

Its fingers? All lined up in a row, ready to offer an encore performance that’ll have you shouting ‘Bravo!’ This isn’t puppetry, it’s the art of bringing pleasure to the main stage, and trust us, The Puppeteer is ready for its standing ovation.

So whether you’re flying solo or adding an extra ‘hand’ to your duet, The Puppeteer is your ticket to a show that’s sure to sell out every night. So sit back, relax, and let The Puppeteer take control. Remember, in this theatre, laughter isn’t just the best medicine, it’s the ‘fore’-play.



Skin, Flesh, Black


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