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Get ready to blast off with the Stainless Lockable Dilator (Push Style), the cheekiest accessory in our collection! This expanding anal plug is the Rolls Royce of rear-entry fun, promising a journey to the backdoor of bliss that’s as smooth as a freshly waxed bobsled run.

With an overall length of 5.63 inches, this isn’t a toy for those who like to tip-toe around the tulips. The dilator’s bulb measures a gratifying 2.25 inches long and has a collapsed diameter of 1.8 inches, or about the size of a particularly plucky plum. But hold on to your hat, because when this thing expands, it’s more like a hearty apple at a maximum insertable diameter of 2.58 inches. It’s a toy that truly grows with you, much like your prized petunias!

Fashioned from 304 stainless steel, this dilator is the epitome of sleek sophistication. It’s as durable as your granny’s cast iron skillet, and just as likely to become a cherished heirloom. With a 25mm head diameter, it’s a welcoming gateway to a world of pleasure that’s just waiting to be explored.

The device comes with a handy 40mm hand shank for when you’re ready to ‘grab life by the reins’ and a 65mm opening and closing part. It’s a bit like a ‘Drawbridge of Delight’, opening to a maximum diameter of 60mm. And with a modest weight of approximately 650g, you won’t need to be a weightlifter to enjoy its bountiful benefits.

The Stainless Lockable Dilator (Push Style) is your one-way ticket to a fun-filled journey of discovery. It’s the perfect companion for those who appreciate a good laugh and aren’t afraid to push their boundaries, or in this case, their buttons. So why not hop on the ‘Anal Express’ and see where this dilator can take you? You’re guaranteed a ride you won’t forget!





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