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Unleash your inner wild side with our Stainless Plug (Fox Threaded). This unique stainless butt plug is designed to bring a playful, animalistic touch to your intimate moments. Crafted for those who enjoy an adventurous twist, this versatile accessory offers a variety of interchangeable fox tails, each in a different stunning color scheme.

The plug is made from high-quality, body-safe stainless steel. Its smooth, polished surface glides effortlessly for comfortable insertion and wear. Its flared base ensures safety, keeping the plug securely in place while you frolic and play. The steel material is also perfect for temperature play – heat it up or cool it down for an extra layer of sensation.

What truly sets our Stainless Plug (Fox Threaded) apart is the selection of lush, vibrant fox tails that can be threaded onto the plug. Each tail is expertly crafted with faux fur in a variety of color schemes, from natural hues to more fantastical, vibrant tones. Whether you want to channel the fiery red of a woodland fox, the mystical hues of a fantasy creature, or anything in between, there’s a tail to suit your mood and scene.

Switching between tails is easy. Simply thread your chosen tail onto the plug for a secure fit that won’t shift or detach during use. This allows for a highly personalized and changeable experience, making this product more than just a plug, but a key part of your role-play and fantasy scenarios.

To maintain the Stainless Plug (Fox Threaded) and its assortment of tails, ensure to clean the plug with warm water and mild soap after each use. The tails can be spot-cleaned as needed.

Embark on a wild adventure and explore your animalistic desires with the Stainless Plug (Fox Threaded). Embrace the thrill, the fun, and the versatility this unique accessory brings to your intimate moments.














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