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Experience electrifying pleasure with the Lockink Urethral E-Stim Tool, a game-changer in the world of intimate play. This unique tool takes urethral stimulation to new, exciting heights by combining vibration and electric shock for an unparalleled sensory experience.

The Lockink Urethral E-Stim Tool is unlike any other horse-eye vibrating stick available in the market. It’s specifically designed to stimulate the most sensitive areas with precision, providing a thrilling mix of pleasure and surprise that’s sure to leave you breathless.

The tool’s top is equipped with a vibration feature that delivers powerful pulsations directly to your most sensitive areas. Combined with the electrifying jolt of the built-in electric shock function, it offers a multi-frequency stimulation that you can adjust to suit your comfort level and desire.

This E-Stim tool is expertly crafted to ensure safe and pleasurable use. Its sleek design allows for easy insertion and removal, providing a smooth experience from start to finish.

Turn up the intensity of your intimate moments with the Lockink Urethral E-Stim Tool. It’s not just a toy, it’s a journey to an explosion of sensations that you’ve never imagined. Discover your limits and push beyond them with this remarkable tool, designed for those who dare to explore.




White -dia 6mm


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