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Immerse yourself in a captivating transformation with our Silicone Crossdressing Suit With Arms. This all-in-one ensemble is meticulously designed to redefine your contours, enabling you to embody a feminine persona with authenticity.

Our full-body suit features lifelike D/E cup breasts, filled with high-quality silicone, that elegantly mimic the fall and movement of natural bosoms. They sit snugly against your chest, creating the perfect illusion. The suit is constructed from a soft, non-allergenic, skin-friendly, and odorless silicone material, providing you with a comfortable and safe experience.

The high collar design enhances the suit’s realism, enabling you to confidently wear low-collar clothing. This suit also sculpts your body into a desirable female silhouette, complete with a curvaceous waist and a realistic navel.

Our Silicone Crossdressing Suit offers four customization options, each catering to your unique preferences.

– The Basic model comes equipped with a penis tube.
– The Basic Plus Vaginal model includes a penis tube and a vaginal tube, enabling sexual intercourse.
– The Basic Plus Pubic Hair model features a penis tube and realistic pubic hair.
– The Comprehensive model combines all features, offering a penis tube, a vaginal tube, and lifelike pubic hair.

We offer this suit in six distinctive color tones, with color numbers 1-4 typically in stock. If you require a darker shade, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For added convenience, we provide the option of incorporating a back or side zipper into your suit for an additional $20. Please contact us to arrange the additional fee.

To ensure the perfect fit, we encourage you to send us your measurements, including upper bust, lower bust, shoulder width, waist, leg, desired cup size, and neck circumference.

Whether you’re a crossdresser, transgender individual, drag queen, cosplayer, or someone looking to explore their femininity, our Silicone Crossdressing Suit promises an unmatched transformation experience. Embrace your inner woman with confidence and style.





Shipping Reminder:
1.Express doesn’t accept any address with P.O. Box.
2.After placing an order, please make sure that the personal information you left us is completely correct, especially the address and mobile phone number, to ensure that customs and couriers can reach you.
3.If the recipient is Russian, please leave your full name. Other buyers please leave a non-single-letter name, not an abbreviation.
4.It is buyer’s responsibilities and obligations to pay for the import customs duties and taxes to your localcustoms. So when your order arrive your customs,please actively cooperate with local customs to paytaxes.
5.Please make sure your order address is correct,and DO NOT authorize shipping company like DHL /UPS to leave your package at your door at any circum-stances. This will cause packages lost.

Maintain :
1.There is no shelf life for the product and it all depends on the user’s maintenance.Wipe and maintain with talcum powder before and after use to prolong product life.
2.Products should be kept away from sunlight, sharp objects and other chemicals.
3.This product is easy to dye, do not use washing machine to wash, do not mix with other clothes to wash.
4.Maintenance with a gentle water wipe dry.

1. Epacket is Relatively slow and this is normal. So we suggest you choose DHL or EMS. If you do not receive the product within30 daysafter shipment, please contact the customer service for help in time, instead of immediately raising disputes, we can solve most problems for you. Thank you for your purchase and cooperation.
2. Some customized products need3-7 working daysfor manual production preparation. The deviation of process products is normal within 1-3 cm. Please be patient.
3.Products can be returned and replaced without affecting the second sale. Please return the original package intact, including gifts and CARDS.The staff will give you a quick refund after the goods are inspected.Color 4-6 is a special order, sold not refundable.Pants products if the anus is open, also do not accept return and replacement.
4. Any message will be quickly replied within working days of Chinese time, Any questions are welcome.Thank you very much!


Color 1, Color 2, Color 3, Color 4

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