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Introducing the QIUI Cellmate 2, a revolutionary smart cock cage that takes male chastity and remote training to an entirely new level. Now featuring an innovative electric shock function, timed offline unlocking, and more, this device is designed to meet the evolving needs of the modern BDSM enthusiast.

The QIUI Cellmate 2 is a high-tech tool for chastity play, enabling remote control via a smartphone app. This gives your partner the ability to administer shock or unlock the cage from anywhere in the world, adding an exciting new layer to your power exchange dynamic.

One of the standout features of the QIUI Cellmate 2 is the new electric shock function. This capability offers a thrilling jolt of stimulation, perfectly designed for those who crave a touch of intensity in their play. The level of shock can be customized to your preferences, ensuring a safe and satisfying experience.

Another significant update is the timed offline unlocking and electric shock feature. This allows you to set a timer for when the cage will unlock or administer a shock, even without an active internet connection. This feature adds a thrilling element of anticipation and suspense to your play.

But the QIUI Cellmate 2 isn’t just about its tech-savvy features. It’s also ergonomically designed for comfort and security, ensuring that your playtime is as pleasurable as it is exciting.

Embrace the future of BDSM play with the QIUI Cellmate 2. With its cutting-edge features and sleek design, it brings a whole new level of control and excitement to your chastity experience.




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