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Unleash your deepest desires and embrace a new level of sensual play with the Double Plug Balls, a unique accessory designed to enhance your chastity belt experience. These balls are expertly crafted for those looking to explore dual penetration, offering a thrilling and tantalizing journey into uncharted realms of pleasure.

Beautifully crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the Double Plug Balls boast an impressive weight and substantial feel that adds to the overall sensory experience. The smooth, polished surface ensures a comfortable and seamless insertion, while the body-safe material ensures your play is as safe as it is exhilarating.

The Double Plug Balls feature two individual balls, each differing in diameter to cater to your unique needs. The larger ball, with a diameter of 50 mm, is designed for vaginal insertion, providing a satisfying, full sensation that enhances your intimate moments. Meanwhile, the smaller ball, with a diameter of 38 mm, is perfectly sized for anal play, introducing a thrilling new dimension to your chastity belt experience.

Connecting these balls is a slim, 8 mm diameter rod, designed to seamlessly attach to your chastity belt. This innovative design ensures that the Double Plug Balls stay securely in place during play, enhancing your sense of control and surrender.

The Double Plug Balls are not only a tool for pleasure but also a visually striking addition to your toy collection. Their sleek, metallic aesthetic adds a touch of sophistication and intrigue, making them as alluring to the eye as they are satisfying to the body.

Before using the Double Plug Balls, ensure they are thoroughly sterilized with alcohol or boiling water. This will maintain their pristine condition and ensure a safe and clean play session every time.

The Double Plug Balls offer an unparalleled journey into dual stimulation. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a curious newcomer to the world of chastity play, these balls offer a thrilling, sensory-rich experience that takes your pleasure to new, unimagined heights. Get ready to explore your deepest desires and unleash your wildest fantasies with the Double Plug Balls.




50mm 38mm balls


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