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Embrace the fusion of style and restraint with our Polished Stainless Steel Wrist Cuffs. Sold as a pair, these cuffs feature a removable O-ring, transforming effortlessly from a secure restraint into a chic bracelet, offering an elegant, discreet nod to your adventurous side.

Our cuffs are carefully crafted from 8mm thick, solid, round stainless steel, providing durability and a sleek aesthetic. The oval shape contours comfortably to the wrist, and we offer a range of sizes to accommodate different wrist circumferences, ensuring an ideal fit. Please refer to our available size chart for interior length and width measurements.

Each cuff is secured with a small hex screw that fits snugly into a groove on the locking pin, located on the side opposite the hinge. With a turn or two of the included hex key, you can easily remove or adjust each cuff. We advise not to fully remove the hex screw, as it can be a challenge to re-insert and may easily be lost if dropped. To ensure convenience and prevent any potential mishaps, we’ve included a spare screw in each package.

It’s important to note the presence of the hinge on these cuffs. Please handle these with care, as improper use might pinch the skin.

Here are the available sizes, presented as internal diameter measurements and equivalent wrist circumference:

– 55mm x 45mm = 155mm (6.1″ inches)
– 60mm x 50mm = 168mm (6.6″ inches)
– 65mm x 55mm = 185mm (7.3″ inches)
– 70mm x 60mm = 200mm (7.9″ inches)
– 80mm x 70mm = 230mm (9″ inches)
– 90mm x 80mm = 260mm (10.2″ inches)

Designed for both form and function, these Polished Stainless Steel Wrist Cuffs with removable O-ring offer a versatile and sophisticated addition to your accessory or restraint collection.


Wrist Cuff 55 x 45mm, Wrist Cuff 60 x 50mm, Wrist Cuff 65 x 55mm, Wrist Cuff 70 x 60mm, Ankle Cuff 80 x 70mm, Ankle Cuff 90 x 80mm, Chain


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