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Discover a tantalizing world of dominance, surrender, and sensual exploration with the Lockink Telescoping Spreader Bar. Meticulously designed for versatility and durability, this unique tool provides an irresistible blend of control and freedom, guaranteed to elevate your bondage experience to new heights of pleasure and intimacy.

This exquisite spreader bar set includes one telescopic rod body, two 34cm belts, one 64cm belt, three automatic buckles, three triangular storage rings, and three double-head buckles. The genuine leather straps, available in both brown and black, exude an air of classic sophistication and hint at the enticing experiences that await.

At the core of this seductive ensemble is the telescopic rod. Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, this rod provides a potent symbol of power and control. With four adjustable lengths, it can effortlessly adapt to different body shapes and scenarios, offering you limitless possibilities for exploration and enjoyment.

The genuine leather belts provide a stark contrast to the cool, hard steel of the rod. Soft, supple, and fully adjustable, they wrap comfortably around the ankles or wrists, their sturdy automatic buckles ensuring a secure fit. Each belt is fitted with a double-head buckle and a triangular storage ring, adding an extra element of versatility and convenience.

The Lockink Telescoping Spreader Bar is much more than a restraint—it’s a conduit for connection, a catalyst for exploration, and a key to unlocking the most thrilling aspects of your sensual nature. Designed primarily for SM binding and restraint, it also serves as an auxiliary prop for a variety of training scenes and binding postures.

Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or a curious novice, the Lockink Telescoping Spreader Bar offers a unique and exciting way to enhance your bondage play. It invites you to push boundaries, explore new sensations, and surrender to the thrilling world of BDSM. With this tool in your collection, every session becomes an opportunity for adventurous exploration and intimate connection.



set -brown gold, set -gun black


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