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Immerse yourself in the lavish world of fetish play and BDSM with the Stainless Sphere Restraints, a sensual yet commanding set that promises to take your experiences to uncharted territories of desire and pleasure.

The set showcases a lustrous head collar and a pair of hand cuffs, each encased in an opulent stainless steel sphere. The spheres, with their gleaming finish, are as enticing to the eye as they are tantalizing to the touch, embodying the intense allure of your erotic adventures.

The head collar, a polished steel ball of 27cm in diameter, cloaks the wearer’s head, introducing a thrilling element of sensory deprivation that enhances anticipation and heightens arousal. The steel ball handcuffs, each with a diameter of 12cm, secure the hands, amplifying the sensation of surrender and intensifying the pleasure derived from restraint.

Despite their robust metallic exterior, these spheres boast a luxurious silicone padding on the inside, ensuring a comfortable and indulgent experience. The smooth steel meets soft silicone in a perfect fusion of comfort and control, making every session a seductive journey of discovery.

The Stainless Sphere Restraints aren’t just accessories; they’re an embodiment of your fantasies, a symbol of the sublime pleasure that comes with surrender and control. Perfect for roleplay or fetish play, these restraints can transform an ordinary night into a world of sensuous play and shared ecstasy. Give in to the allure of these captivating spheres and elevate your bondage play to a realm of luxurious pleasure.




Male Helmet Black, Male Handcuffs Pink, FemaleHandcuffsBlue, Male Helmet Blue, Female Helmet Black, FemaleHandcuffsPink, Male Helmet Pink, Female Helmet Blue, Male Handcuffs Black, Female Helmet Pink, Male Handcuffs Blue, FemaleHandcuffsBlack


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