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Indulge in a unique sensory experience with our Full Body Stocking, designed for those who crave an intense feeling of enclosure and restriction. This product comes in a plus size and is made from thick, plush velvet material. It is ideally suited for individuals up to 180cm in height and 75kg in weight.

Our Full Body Stocking offers multiple ways of wearing, each providing a distinct experience of bondage.

Method A, the “Front Insertion” method, involves slipping your legs into one of the stocking’s tubes, pulling it up to your thighs, then bending over and inserting your head into the other tube. Adjust the waist of the stocking to envelop your body.

Method B, the “Reverse Insertion” method, follows a similar approach but with the other stocking tube adjusted to the back. After pulling the stocking up to the waist, lie on your side, lean back, reach your hands behind you, grasp the other tube, pull it over your head and adjust the waist.

Method C, the “Two-Stocking All-Inclusive” method, requires an additional pantyhose. First, put your legs into one tube of the first pantyhose, pull it up to your waist, then insert your head into a tube of the second pantyhose. Reach down, put your hands into the other tube behind your back and adjust for comfort.

Please note that the model in the images is wearing multiple layers of the Full Body Stocking. For a more intense feeling of bondage, we recommend wearing at least three layers at a time. This stocking can also be combined with our other pantyhose bodystockings for a more immersive experience. Enjoy the thrill of full body enclosure with our Full Body Stocking, a perfect addition to your bondage play repertoire.


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Beige, Black, purple, Gray, Khaki, Red




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