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Welcome to Agnastic on Openerotica: Open-Source Innovation at Its Best

Embark on an unparalleled journey of creativity and collaboration with Agnastic, hosted with pride on chat.openerotica.org. Agnastic stands at the forefront of artificial intelligence technology, offering a comprehensive platform for engaging AI-driven chats, creating vivid imagery, and bringing narratives to life. As an open-source project, Agnastic invites users and developers to explore, contribute, and extend its capabilities, fostering a community of innovation and shared growth.

Key Features of Agnastic:

  • Engaging Group Conversations: Connect with a vibrant community through dynamic conversations involving multiple users and AI bots.
  • Integrated Image Generation: Unleash your creativity with built-in image generation, providing a seamless tool for your visual projects without relying on external services.
  • Versatile Persona Customization: Craft unique AI personalities with a variety of schema formats, including W++, Square Bracket Format (SBF), Boostyle, and Plain Text.
  • Rich Narrative Tools: Utilize Agnastic’s memory/lore books and AI character creation features to build detailed worlds and complex characters.
  • Advanced Interaction Options: Delve deeper with features like long-term memory and the ability to embed Wikipedia articles and PDFs for enriched conversations.

Explore Agnastic’s Open-Source Roots

Agnastic’s journey begins with its roots deeply planted in the open-source community, ensuring transparency, flexibility, and collective improvement. Interested parties can access and contribute to the original Agnastic codebase at https://github.com/agnaistic/agnai. This open-source foundation encourages users and developers to engage with the code, propose enhancements, and customize their experience.

Experience Agnastic on Openerotica

Hosted on chat.openerotica.org, Agnastic offers a unique blend of advanced AI functionalities within an accessible and user-friendly environment. Users can start for free, bringing their own models or utilizing Horde for API access to an extensive AI server swarm. This approach ensures a versatile and inclusive platform for all users, from casual explorers to seasoned developers.

Contribute to Our Custom Fork

For those looking to dive into the specifics of our enhancements or contribute to the evolution of Agnastic, our custom fork is available at https://github.com/CheshireAI/openerotica. Here, we invite collaboration, feedback, and community-driven development, enriching the Agnastic ecosystem with every contribution.

Join Us in Pushing the Boundaries of AI Creativity

Agnastic on Openerotica is more than just a platform—it’s a call to creative minds, developers, and AI enthusiasts to come together and explore the boundless possibilities of artificial intelligence. Whether through contributing to our open-source project, engaging with the community, or simply experimenting with AI-driven creativity, your journey starts here. Welcome to the future of AI, where your imagination is the only limit.


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