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Illuminate your cleansing routine with the Electric Enema, a cutting-edge device designed to streamline your hygiene and prep experiences. This is no ordinary enema kit; it’s a tool to transform your comfort and confidence.

Featuring a fully automatic operation, the Electric Enema offers three distinct cleaning modes, ensuring a thorough, 360-degree deep clean. Whether you prefer a gentle rinse or a more powerful flush, you can easily tailor your experience to your personal needs and comfort level.

Our Electric Enema is designed to prevent backflow, ensuring the utmost hygiene and safety. So you can cleanse with confidence, knowing that every session is as clean as the first.

Versatility is at the heart of our design. Equipped with a 5-hole nozzle, this innovative enema is suitable for both vaginal and anal use. This all-in-one solution simplifies your routine and reduces the need for multiple devices.

The Electric Enema is crafted from body-safe silicone and ABS, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience every time. It also includes a generous 300ML water capacity and is easily rechargeable via USB, with a charging time of 1.5-2 hours.

Explore the three speeds at your leisure, and discover the perfect intensity for you. The Electric Enema is a game-changer, bringing convenience, comfort, and cleanliness to your personal care routine. Step into a world of elevated hygiene and experience the difference for yourself.


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