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Embrace the playful side of home decor with our Giant Candle Dick, an audacious blend of cheeky fun and artisan craftsmanship. Standing at a proud 8.5 inches tall, this provocative candle is meticulously handcrafted from a unique blend of pure beeswax and rich coconut oil.

Every detail, from the pronounced veins to the bulbous tip, is carefully carved to mimic the real deal. The natural hue of beeswax melds beautifully with the subtle creaminess of coconut oil, giving this risqué masterpiece a visually appealing aesthetic that’s sure to turn heads and spark conversation.

But don’t be fooled by its naughty appearance – this novelty item also doubles as a high-quality candle. When lit, it burns slowly and evenly, casting a soft, warm glow that creates an inviting ambiance in any room. Simultaneously, it releases a delicate fragrance – the sweet scent of beeswax harmoniously blending with the tropical aroma of coconut oil.

Free from harmful chemicals typically found in conventional paraffin candles, our Giant Candle Dick is an eco-friendly choice for those who value health and sustainability.

Whether you’re seeking a unique gift for a bachelorette party, planning a playful romantic evening or simply want to add some spicy fun to your living space, our Giant Candle Dick is guaranteed to leave a memorable impression. So why not ignite your nights with some cheeky illumination? Let’s set the mood for wickedly delightful fun!


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