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Dare to go bigger with our Gianter Candle Dick, an even more audacious spin on our cheeky, artisanal decor. This provocative piece is handcrafted from a premium blend of pure beeswax and luxurious coconut oil.

Each intricate detail – from the exaggerated veins to the oversized tip – is meticulously carved to mirror reality, adding a bold touch of eroticism to your space. The fusion of beeswax’s natural golden hue with the creamy whiteness of coconut oil results in a visually striking masterpiece that’s as much an art piece as it is a high-quality candle.

But its allure doesn’t stop at its daring appearance. Once lit, the Gianter Candle Dick burns slowly and steadily, casting an inviting glow that sets a playful ambiance. The sweet scent of honey from the beeswax intertwines with the tropical aroma of coconut oil, filling your room with a soothing fragrance that stimulates the senses.

Crafted without any harmful chemicals found in traditional paraffin candles, our Gianter Candle Dick is an eco-conscious choice for those committed to health and sustainability.

Whether you’re hunting for an unforgettable gift for a friend who loves pushing boundaries, planning an audacious party or simply want to add a dose of naughty fun to your home decor, the Gianter Candle Dick promises to make a statement. Light up your evenings with this larger-than-life illumination and set the stage for delightfully wicked fun!


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